Advertising slogans of banks.

There are some slogans or taglines regarding banks.  It is pretty interesting to study their concept and the principles of creatives.

Your Citi never sleeps
              Because the Citi never sleeps
              Citi. Live Richly
              The whole world in one bank.
              Where money lives

Capital One Bank
Advertising slogan: What’s in your wallet?

Bank of America
Bank of America. Higher Standards
              Embracing ingenuity
              Think what we can do for you

Midland Bank (was founded in 1836 and in 1992 became part of the HSBC group)
Midland Bank. Come and talk to the listening bank
              Together we make a great team

HSBC Bank (has more than 5,500 offices spread over 79 countries)
Advertising slogan: HSBC. The world’s local bank

Dresdner Bank
Tagline: Dresdner Bank. Advice you can bank on

Deutsche Bank
Ad slogans:
Deutsche Bank. A passion to Perform.
                   Leading to results

Centurion Bank, India
Motto: Centurion Bank. We value your time

COOP Swiss Bank
Advertising slogan: COOP. The clean Swiss bank.

Timesbank, India
Advertising slogan: Timesbank. The power to do more

BankSA, South Australia
Marketing slogan: BankSA. The bank of South Australians

Citizens Bank, USA
Advertising slogan: Not Your Typical Bank

PNC Bank
Tagline: The Thinking Behind the Money

Commerzbank, Germany
Advertising slogan: Commerzbank. Ideas ahead.

HypoVereinsbank, Germany
Advertising slogan: You live. We’ll take care of the details

Halifax bank, Britain, now – HBOS, after the merger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland Slogans: Halifax. Always giving you extra
              Get a little extra help from the Halifax

BNP Paribas Bank, European banking and financial group
Ad slogan: BNP Paribas. The bank for a changing world

Abbey National Bank, UK
Abbey. More ideas for your money.
              Turning banking on its head.
              Because life’s complicated enough.
              Investments with Abbey endings.
              Get the Abbey habit.

Dexia Bank, Belgium
Dexia, the bank for sustainable development
              When your money is safe everything is too

GarantiBank International, Turkey
Marketing slogan: Garanti Bank. The Bank in Your Mind

Allied Irish Bank
Advertising slogan: Britain’s best business bank

Union Bank of Switzerland – UBS
You and us.
              UBS. Here today. Here tomorrow.

Credit Suisse bank
Slogans: Credit Suisse. 360° Finance – corporate slogan
              It’s time for an expert.
              Whatever makes you happy
(for Credit Suisse Private Banking)

Lloyds TSB banking
You first
              Banking worth talking about

Trustee Savings Bank ( now – Lloyds TSB)
Ad slogan: The bank that likes to say Yes

The Royal Bank of Scotland
Advertising slogans:
Make it happen.
                              Where people matter

AIB – Allied Irish Bank
Advertising slogan: Your Life. Anything is possible. Be with AIB

Barclays bank
Barclays. Fluent in finance
              It’s our business to know your business

Chase Manhattan Bank
Tagline: Chase. The right relationship is everything

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Advertising slogan: Commonwealth. Make it happen

ING Direct bank
Marketing slogan: ING Direct. Save Your Money!

Advertising slogan: ABN AMRO. Making more possible

Scotiabank, Canada
Motto: Scotiabank. Life. Money. Balance both.

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